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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cornflake Chicken

I have made cornflake chicken for awhile now. It was kind of an accident in that my kids wanted fried chicken one night and I had no crackers but a whole slew of cornflakes. I googled a recipe for it (don't remember where I found it), and the kids LOVED it! I found the recipe to make them and freeze them before you cook them, and knew it was one we had to try. The best part is they are actually baked, not fried, but the kids don't know the difference.

Click on the link below to see Rad Recipes way to do them, or I've posted my "altered" recipe below.

Rad Recipes Cornflake Chicken Tenders

Casie's Recipe Cornflake Chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into serving sized portions
1/4 cup flour
2 sticks butter, melted
2 cups finely crushed cornflake cereal
salt and pepper to taste
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

Salt and pepper your flour to taste. Melt butter. Add Ranch Dressing Mix to cornflakes. Dip chicken into flour, then butter, then cornflakes.

Lay chicken tenders on a wax paper lined baking sheet. When finished dipping, flash freeze in freezer for 1 hour, or until chicken is firm enough to put into Ziploc bag. Transfer to bag and freeze until ready to eat.

To Cook: Take as many chicken tenders out of bag as needed and bake on sprayed baking sheet for 25 to 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven, or until chicken is cooked through. There is no need to thaw chicken before baking.

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